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Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal
Volunteering in Nepal
An act of volunteering can be best described as serving mankind without expecting anything in return. The clouds of financial crisis have brooded throughout the globe which has pushed several people below the line of poverty and thus has increased the places to volunteer. Thus the world is desperately seeking for more and more helping hands day by day. Nepal is recently in the way of recovering from the 10 year long insurgency. War has left its scars throughout the rural Nepal. Thus there are plenty of community service opportunities in Nepal. In fact, Nepal offers best volunteer opportunities for singles.
One can always find some of the best volunteer programs in Nepal. Some of the best volunteer jobs in Nepal include:

1. Orphanage Volunteer Programs that provide opportunities to volunteer with children and aim at helping children living at orphanages in Nepal

2. Volunteering in Buddhist Monasteries by teaching English to Buddhist Monks

3. Sports Coaching in which the people volunteer to conduct sports activities for children and youth

4. Computer Literacy Program is the volunteer opportunity in which people volunteer to impart computer related knowledge to students
5. Teaching Aid which offers people to volunteer in numerous teaching projects that exist in Nepal.

6. Sustainable Agriculture that allows people to engage voluntarily in several sustainable agricultural development projects in Nepal.

7. Youth Development in which people volunteer to work in the field of optimizing the skills of youth in Nepal which is of utmost importance for development of Nepal.

8. Health Aid which is associated with health care and medical related volunteer opportunities in Nepal.

9. Community Development Program which works in the field of community welfare.

10. Cultural Exchange Volunteer Program that aims at familiarizing students of two distinct geographical boundaries with each other’s culture and traditions.

11. Social Research is a volunteer program in Nepal that is targeted for University students.

12. Women’s Project that works in the field of Woman Empowerment.
Child Volunteer Opportunities, Charity Volunteer Opportunities, Farm Volunteer Opportunities, Gap year Volunteer Opportunities and Day Care Volunteer Jobs are yet other fields that you can opt for offering the humanitarian aid in Nepal.
We offer several tailored volunteer activities in Nepal which will enlighten you with the meaning and purpose of your life. Acknowledging your noble task directed towards the welfare of humanism, we are offering special discount to the venerated trekkers in our trekking packages in Nepal. 

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