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Trekking in Mustang

Trekking in Mustang is one of the best things that you ever do in your life. Mustang takes place in one of the best-preserved cultural destinations in all of the Himalayas. Mustang region has been protected by special permits limiting tourist travel. It is a rare opportunity to travel within the Kingdom of Lo which means “Mustang”(locally known) and beautiful mountains will take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart of this Forbidden Kingdom. The Kingdom of Lo Manthang, and “Upper Mustang” are one and the same, including the northern two-thirds of the present-day Nepalese Mustang District, which are well marked by official “Mustang” border signs just north of Kagbeni. As you may know that in the 7th century, Tibet conquered the Kingdom of Mustang and seized it for more than 800 years before and later it became part of Nepal. This stern and dry region originates its style, culture, and language from old Tibet. The traditional culture here has continued undisturbed by Chinese colonization. 

The Trekking trip to Mustang may vary according to the needs of the clients. Our day trip includes hiking across the desert plateau, past red-gold cliffs and desolate monasteries to reach the ancient capital of Lo Manthang. We wander the corridors of the walled city, visit rural villages by horse and explore ancient monasteries here. Along the way we depart from the main trail to explore rarely traveled villages and High Mountain passes. Mustang’s greatest glory is its towns and villages, incredible collections of houses reminiscent of the European Middle Ages.

Mustang is astonishingly beautiful in unadorned, barren, tree-deprived sort of way. We can see snow leopard, the blue sheep and, supposedly, the yeti, eagles and vultures including huge Lammergeiers. One should definitely make a plan for Trekking in Mustang in order to learn and explore the culture and lifestyles of the people residing here.

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