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Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet represents the different trekking routes where the land is situated in average of above 13000 feet. This unreachable land has lots of possibilities of trekking routes for the adventure seeker whether it is a pilgrimage trek or a mountain expedition.Trekking in Tibet offers trips from short one day to month long as per ones requirement. Kharta Valley Trek, Mt. Kailash Trek, Manasarovar Trek, Shalu to Nartang, Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek, Nyenchen Tanglha Traverse trek, are some famous trek in Tibet in which some lies in the boarder of Nepal and Tibet. Gandan to Samye trek is the best long trek. Tibet has for centuries evoked images of a lost Shangri La. Tibet has always been able to gain good reputation with its stunning Himalayan views, high plateau, beautiful monasteries and extraordinary people. Five of Asia’s great rivers including the Indus, Mekong and Brahmaputra have their headwaters in Tibet. Tibet’s high plains, forests and mountains form a unique ecosystem are home to an array of rare wildlife, including the snow leopard, blue sheep and Tibetan wild ass. To avoid the mass tourism irritation and merge into the peaceful Tibetan drifting life, to camp next to the traditional nomad’s family tents and challenge over the high passes are wonderful experiences. Trekking in Tibet is an opportunity to enjoy the unique landscapes on the roof of the world and have an insight of Tibetan culture. Besides, we can sense the delicate and harmonious relationship of people with nature once we step on the highland. Trekking in Tibet perfectly balances cultural and wilderness activities. During the trek you can see some gorgeous mountain scenery along the way and encounter pilgrims from Tibet and other countries. The ideal time for trekking in Tibet is from April to October. This months are most highly recommended months without much rain or snowfall. So without delaying contact Himalayan Recreation Treks and Expedition.

Advanced Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet

Advanced Everest Base Camp Trek in Tibet   (18 Days)

Experience the beautiful mountainous land of Tibet, the ‘Roof of the World’ which embarks on a world-class trek to Everest's most stunning and iso...
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