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Where is in Nepal?

Nepal is in south Asia between of India & China.


Where is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is in Border of China & Nepal, but its lies in Nepal.


Is it Nepal safe to travel after earthquake?

Yes Nepal is fully safe to travel even after earthquake. Earthquake just effect center part of Nepal. This is already recovering. All trekking routs are safe; just need couple of month to recover for Langtang trekking rout.


What is trekking?

Trekking means walking in the beautiful region, view the presence of the natural and artificial views of Himalayas, valley, jungle and wildlife. The view includes the local culture and tradition, beautiful view of the high hills covered with snows and the glorious view of the green forest and the waterfalls and rivers flowing at the trekking regions.


Can I do trekking?

Trekking in Nepal is designed for all types of people from low age group to adult. Thus, trekking in Nepal can be done by anyone and at any time but the destination should be carefully chosen before going for trekking. The trekking destination where we need to walk more will generally require good physique so, if the trekkers are physically unfit but have extreme passion regarding the trekking in Nepal then he/she should the near destination from where they can get maximum pleasure. The trekking should be carefully chosen from the grade of easy, medium, strenuous and challenging.


Do I need a guide?

While visiting to Nepal it will be better to consult and to have a trekking guide because the trekking guides have better knowledge than others. But the trekkers himself/ herself have already visited the trekking regions for several times then the trekkers can go alone without having any better guides. But to the beginners the trekking guides is almost necessary because the beginner doesn’t know much more about the trekking places and resting places too. The beginners are also unknown about the main trekking trail and waling time for a day. So, from every aspects the trekking at the Nepal will be much more beautiful and enjoying if you will consult a better guides.


What types of trekking is better, Teahouses or camping?

In Nepal, both types of trekking are equally famous and done quiet commonly. But in the matter of services, teahouses trekking are rather more facilitated than the camping trekking. In teahouses trekking, the trekkers will be facilitated with all types of services including the lodging and fooding and good resting facilities but in camping trekking, the trekkers have to prepare the food at the camp and resting will be at the tented camp at some sleeping bags. But the trekking will differ according to the personal interest.


When is the best season for trekking in Nepal?

The best season for trekking in Nepal is during the time of spring and autumn. But according to the trekking destinations and interests, the trekking in Nepal can be done throughout the year. The trekking can be done throughout the year but the trekking destination should be carefully checked and proper trekking arrangements should be done according to the places and seasons.


What types of trekking equipment’s are required for trekking?

The trekking equipments are the most essential part for all types of trekking. But the trekking equipments are generally compiled by the trekking agencies itself. Thus, trekking at different parts of Nepal will be incomplete without proper trekking equipments.


What should I do if I suffer from altitude sickness?

The altitude sickness is one of the major diseases for many trekkers in Nepal. Thus, the trekkers should be very careful regarding the matter of altitude sickness and other similar things. To avoid or to cure such diseases, the trekking agency and the trekkers can carry necessary medicines and can acclimatize at different places to enjoy the trekking.


What are the visa and passport procedures?

To enter and to visit at the Nepal, the trekkers must have to possess one valid copy of passport and visa. Besides these, the other necessary requirements like bus booking, flight booking, hotel booking and other several types of booking are done by the trekking company itself. For the valid passport and visa, the trekkers must fulfill all the necessary documents and legal procedures that are necessary for the trekking in Nepal.


What about my safety during the trekking?

To trek at Nepal was not safety before sometimes ago but now the trekking in Nepal is absolutely free from all types of danger but the trekkers have to be little concerned with their own and private things. Besides these things, the safety of the trekkers is used to take by the trekking agency itself.


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